Media Whitsunday began life in 1991 as a commercial publisher and has since stayed true to its core business although more recently publishing on the dual platforms of print and digital. Our goals are to market The Whitsundays and, in so doing, to help local business prosper.

We produce valuable, effective and practical regional publications for local, intrastate and national distribution. We strive for top quality products, including through editorial, photography and mapping, consistent with the superior selling points of The Whitsundays.

Due to our strong relationship with our advertisers, who are at the heart of our services, we view our products as coming from a joint effort with them. They are consulted and we do everything possible to ensure their success through our products.

Publications with local household names

With nearly a quarter of a century of commercial publishing background, Media Whitsunday has seen many other titles come and go and still survived and thrived. By responding to our advertisers’ needs and by staying up to date with business, tourism and design trends, we target the right markets to generate maximum exposure of our advertisers’ products. For example, content in Welcome and the Free Maps has been adjusted over their history to make them indispensable as a check-in tool for accommodation businesses. The Free Map, for instance, has evolved to a slick and easy reference tool.

What's new *NEW FEATURE*

From time to time we'll be emailing our advertisers and posting similar tidbits on Facebook. These articles and visuals will be placed here for easy reference.

Behind the scenes of Welcome to the Great Whitsundays

Click here to view the "Behind the scenes - Welcome to the Great Whitsundays" PDF

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Welcome to The Whitsundays and The Whitsundays Free Map

Proven invaluable tools in promoting Whitsunday holiday experiences. Content is reviewed annually to ensure it is addressing needs accurately and reliably. They have been continuously published annually since 1992 and 1993 respectively and have gained a formidable reputation for inspiring holidaymakers before they arrive and once in the area. The latest edition is published online as well as hard copy.

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The Mackay Free Map and unique Mackay region section in Welcome

Currently out of print.

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The A2 Regional DeskPad Map

Built on the solid mapping foundation launched in 1993 the A2 Desk Pad Map features the only free maps of local acreage areas, outlying suburbs and townships. It is used in large quantity by the real estate, building, transport and associated industries and is issued free from local service stations, businesses, Council offices etc.

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The A4 Whitsunday Promotional Map

An annually updated digital file for emailing or inclusion in a website or for clients to email to their customers or use in their own literature. Other maps for specialised needs are created on request at low cost.

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Map Licensing

As our maps are copyright, any local business can apply to use our maps under limited licence for a small annual fee.

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My Whitsunday Local Info & Phone Guide

Under contract to the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach, Media Whitsunday produces the My Whitsunday regional phone guide end to end. Advertising, researching, design, compilation and distribution are just part of Media Whitsunday's role as publishing contractor since 1995. Established in 1986, the Guide is now one of the biggest fundraisers of any Rotary Club in Australia with proceeds benefiting our local communities. It is the one truly local phone guide, in recognition of which it has been awarded the 'Made In The Whitsundays' marque.

Its content comprehensively covers the entire region and its residents, community organisations and businesses throughout the local government area. The printed guide is distributed throughout the Whitsunday local government area and surrounds (Bowen to Bloomsbury and west beyond Proserpine and Collinsville). The online edition is being constantly updated through smart technology. A mobile version makes it easy to get local info on the go. My Whitsunday's success is due to the fact that almost everyone locally uses the Guide exclusively. Thanks to advertiser and community support, and a conscious effort to make the Guide a one-stop reference tool, by 2010 Media Whitsunday had grown the guide by 980% and the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach had raised over $10 million for the local community.

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Jointly with the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach, Media Whitsunday develops the guide online to become a website that is a comprehensive community portal with the power to become everyone’s home page. Since 2001 the site has evolved to become a way to access essential local information in an instant. All the directories, the events, weather and webcams pull regional visitation on average of 20,000 page views monthly. 

What's in it for Whitsunday advertisers?

Media Whitsunday arose from a real need in our region. We know how to get the most out of the space a business purchases and we understand that local business has to get the best possible return on investment. From advertising theory and design through to clever ways to monitor the effectiveness of one display ad, we know how to make marketing work.

Advertisers recognise a job well done by booking a growing number of ads. Why?

Media Whitsunday publications are wholly market-driven and market-responsive. | Media Whitsunday is small and efficient. It does not need to load its ad rates with huge overheads. | Media Whitsunday is flexible compared to national or bureaucratic organisations. We can respond quickly to suggestions and changed conditions. | The Media Whitsunday team has high standards – we pride ourselves on superb publications and designs that sell. | Media Whitsunday uses up to the minute software for seamless integration with the latest printing technologies. | Distribution audits are stringently maintained and are provided free on request from advertisers. | The Media Whitsunday team never forgets that its future direction and wellbeing are linked with our local Whitsunday businesses. | Being local, Media Whitsunday is employing locals, accessible through a local office and fully accountable for its service and results.